joeyhudson-photoHello! My name is Joey Hudson and I am the  nice 🙂 guy who created this site. You see, I love food especially ground  beef. Don`t ask me why but my mom said I hated ground beef when I was a kid. But for some unknown reason, when I turned 12, she said I started to like foods with ground beef.

I`m a bachelor and I live in a condo in Manhattan and I cook my own food. I visit YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites every single day searching for ground beef recipes – casseroles, crockpot, taco and other recipes with ground beef.

So for convenience (and for fun since I`m a web designer by profession), I thought I would make a site which would contain all the videos I found useful in YouTube and other video sites. Yeah! a central place, a hub for ground beef recipes!

So to all ground beef lovers out there or for anyone who loves and cares about someone who loves ground beef, this site is for you! I hope you will find it yummy, I mean useful :).

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Happy cooking!